Terms of Services

1.) Is A Deposit required ?  Yes a deposit is required , a $50 dollars is required and it is non refundable

2.) . What if I need to reschedule? Please send an email to your braid professional for rescheduling. Please be aware that you have 1 to 4 days to reschedule after you original appointment date.

3.)  What happens if I cancel my appointment?  Please be advised that deposits are non refundable, also if your hair is not blown properly we may have to cancel your appointment with no refund.

4.) Do you work with all types of hair?  Yes , if you have any type of hair concerns like alopecia , thin hair , or thick please note that you will be charged extra. Also if you have any concerns with any of these hair conditions be sure to book a consultation first.

5.) Do you work with colored hair ?  Yes we work with colored hair

6.) Can I bring my kids or others?  No, there are no children allowed. No additional people to your appointment.

7.) What happens if i’m late to my appointment?  If you are running late please contact your braider in advance. Late fees maybe charged to your service depending on how late you are.

9.) How long does services take ?  Please review the type of service and read service description. We ask that you plan your day accordantly to get the treatment required for your appointment.

10.) Is There a specific hair length needed ?  Yes , hair must be at least 4 inches  or longer

11.) How should I come to my appointment? Well rested, AirPods or headphones for calls and entertainment, positive vibes, well dressed (bright colors) and picture ready!

Please keep in mind that additional charges may apply if

-Hair isn’t properly blown out $25

-Thick hair $20

-Alopecia $30 and up (according to consultation)

(Keep in mind these fees may vary depending on the service provider)

Where can i find the braiding hair?

Victoria Braids give braiding hair for free but you have to come with Hair for Locks, Passion Twist, Spring Twist

  • cash is most preferred for your balance, we charge 5$ fee when you use card at checkout
  • Your 50$ deposit goes towards your final price
  • We give only kanekalon braiding hair, our ombré braiding bundles are additional 40$ for purchase
  • if you are booking for gypsy knotless, please be aware that you are to bring 2 packs of any type of human hair bulk hair of your choice 24” to be precise
  • we might have to cancel your appointment or reschedule you for a Peter time same day if you are 30mins late
  • When getting ombré braids we charge additional 50$ for ombré

Do you provide human hair for boho and gypsy styles ?

  • Please note that we do not provide human hair for boho and gypsy styles. Clients are required to bring their own human hair if they wish to have these particular styles.